The use of composite slabs in steel framed buildings is now considered to be standard practice.

Typical applications of metal decking can be found in education, retail, and commercial as well as domestic apartment blocks indeed anywhere requiring a concrete floor above ground level.

Concrete Floors Ltd is recognised as a leading concrete installer to composite floors. Concrete Floors Ltd are proud to be the chosen flooring company for one of the country’s most prominent decking installers alongside numerous other projects involving metal decking for main contractors and steel frame organisations.

In line with the Steel Construction Institute guidelines Concrete Floors Ltd have carried out both steel fibre and polymer fibre concrete installations in lieu of fabric reinforcement. It is important to note that each combination of chosen fibre is related to a specific deck type which has been approved following rigorous testing.

Careful consideration to the choice of pump, amount of pipeline, number of hoses, sufficient parking area for both pump and concrete delivery vehicles is essential.

Access for the pump into the building, ie., window openings. Is there access through scaffolding, any obstructions, overhead cables, any working cranes in the area?

Access and egress for operatives and tools to the floor area. Adequate safety handrails and toe boards to all perimeter and voids.

Protection to both existing buildings and areas which maybe subject to concrete splashes, also prevention of vehicle parking within potential area of the concrete discharge or potential blow out of the pump.

All areas to be cornered off to protect the public from entering the area of danger and to communicate “no go?areas for other trades on site.

A required area for the washing out of concrete delivery vehicles and mobile pump, which will include discharge of any concrete residue in the pump hopper.

Health and Safety of both members of the public and site personnel are paramount when considering the use of mobile pumping. The use of Banksmen, extra Linesman, two-way radios are all significant means of providing additional areas of control and increased safety.

In response to the growing demand for composite floors on metal decking, Concrete Floors Ltd are leading the industry developing purpose made permanent metal formed construction joints in conjunction with our Design Engineers.


Concrete Floors Ltd utilised the permanent construction joint formwork to 4 school projects in Bradford totalling in excess of 1,000 linear metres of construction formwork and incorporating under floor heating pipes passing through the joint. The use of such joint eliminated any surcharge of concrete through the joint and due to its permanent status prevented the need to strip the joint already heavily congested with heating pipes.

Concrete Floors Ltd utilised purpose made smooth rounded pans which allowed mobile pumping pipes to be placed on the reinforced decking without the potential for damage to the reinforcement or under floor heating and allow the pipes to be moved throughout the casting of the floor with minimal physical effort.

As members of The Concrete Society, we both endorse and implement the guidance document relating to Composite Concrete Slabs on steel decking.

Concrete Floors Ltd recognise both the dangers and logistics of working on metal decking and have carried out extensive training to our work force consisting of Working at Heights, Falls Arrest and Harness Awareness courses. All our Supervisors have Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) certification.

Concrete Floors Ltd work closely with our clients and their representatives including CDM Co-ordination, Principal Contractors and Safety Advisors including our retained Health & Safety Competent Advisors, Stallard Kane Associates Ltd to ensure all operations and activities are carried out in a safe and workmanlike manner.


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