Diageo Warehouses - Cluny Bond Scotland

New Pit and Paddock Lane - Silverstone

Concrete Floors Ltd helps deliver storage capacity for the continued growth of the Whisky Industry on a global basis.

New Pit and Paddock Lane - Silverstone

As one of the world’s leading premi-um drinks companies, Diageo have invested significantly in their business in Scotland over recent years. The £150m investment at Cluny Bond, near Kirkcaldy in Fife forms a signif-icant portion of this investment. The 545 acre development will see the construction of 47 maturation ware-houses, each with the capacity to store 60,000 casks of Whisky before they are shipped to over 180 coun-tries worldwide.

Over recent years, Concrete Floors Ltd have successfully completed numer-ous projects of a similar nature, with Clients such as Glen Moray in Elgin, and WM Grants in both Girvan and Dufftown. It was due to this level of expertise that Technic Floors were contacted at the design philosophy stage of the Cluny Bond project by Main Contractors ISG Group Plc. Following extensive consultation at the design stage, for-mulated a solution with the Client’s Engineer Blythe and Blythe which incorporated Dramix Steel Fibre re-inforcement into both the internal floor slabs, the external roads and hard-standings.

One of the major advantages of this design philosophy, was that it en-abled the floor slabs to be construct-ed utilising one of ?Somero SXP laser screeds. The SXP offers greater control than manual techniques on both tolerances and the vibration of the concrete, with the vibrating auger of the machine, and it’s capacity to check the levels of the concrete 6 times per second. The high quality of service offered was continued through our on-site supervisors and operatives rigorous quality control system, and our high-ly skilled finishers ensuring that the floor slabs were completed with a high quality, durable finish and to the stringent tolerances specified with theConcrete Society Technical Report 34. Subsequent to this, further shrinkage control procedures were undertaken, by means of diamond saw-cutting in-duced joints on a 6 metre x 6 metre grid.

Concrete Floors Ltd support team of Engineering, Commercial and Operational staff have ensured that the project has been completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget. It is due to this level of suc-cess at both Cluny Bond, and previous projects that Concrete Floors Ltd consider themselves to be industry leaders, regardless of the type of floor slab required.


The Gateway Project Lincoln

The Gateway is a new £28 million pound student accommodation scheme in Lincoln. The 25 metre high building incorporates 8 floors of purpose built apartments. Metal decking contractor, Raised Floor Solutions Ltd employed Concrete Floors Ltd to carry out the laying and finishing to the insitu concrete floors.

The Gateway Project Lincoln

The floor construction posed a number of problems, the most onerous being a forest of props to each and every floor. Concrete Floors Ltd Operatives had the task of work with a continuous line of steel pipes through the numerous props, to enable both the discharging and placing to level the concrete. The 16,000 square metre of flooring was placed in 20 pours, utilising some of the highest reaching pumps in the country.

The Gateway Project Lincoln

The Gateway Project, Lincoln is one of many projects nationwide where Concrete Floors Ltd have been employed by Raised Floor Solutions Ltd to install concrete to metal decking.

Salford University - Salford Village

Salford University - Salford Village

Student Accommodation has never been better.

Concrete Floors Ltd are pleased to have been chosen by Graham Construction Ltd to be the concrete flooring contractor for the new £81 million pound student accommodation development to Salford University. The campus will overlook Peel Park and create an exciting base for student living.

Salford University - Salford Village

The new student accommodation complex will provide 1,367 modern study bedrooms and access to an onsite cinema, gym, study lounge, restaurants and cafes. Students can look forward to being residents in September 2015.

Concrete Floors Ltd have supplied all reinforcement material to be constructed by our steel fixing division prior to our concrete team arriving. Concrete Floors Ltd chose Cemex Concrete as their ready mix concrete supplier taking over 120m³ of concrete daily. Concrete was placed by means of mobile concrete pumps ranging from 24 metres to 52 metres. The whole contract between Concrete Floors Ltd and Graham Construction Ltd producing over 30,000 m² of concrete flooring, has been a great success and we look forward to working with Graham Construction in the future.

Steel Fibres reach New Heights

The £155million Colmore Plaza project in Birmingham is the tallest building in the UK to specify Dramix® Steel Fibre Concrete for each of its 14 floors.

The Plaza’s city centre location necessitated carefully planned night pours of the innovative flooring solution. Space at the site is so restricted that a traditional mesh-based flooring solution was fraught with problems ?but Dramix® pumped onto Kingspan Multideck was the easier and more economical answer.

Dramix® steel fibre reinforced concrete provides a pre-reinforced concrete slab which requires no mesh and simplifies the floor laying process ?significantly reducing completion time and improving health and safety onsite. Dramix® fibres are made from prime quality hard-drawn steelwire to guarantee high tensile strength and close tolerances. Added to the concrete mix, the fibres ensure full depth reinforcement and excellent crack control.

Steel Fibres reach New Heights

For the Colmore building, Kingspan approved installer MSW laid the Multideck, whilst co-ordinated the addition of the steel fibres at a Cemex batching plant. The reinforced concrete was then pumped into each floor of the office building according to a strictly controlled night-time schedule to cause minimum disruption to the surrounding area.

When used in conjunction with Kingspan Multideck MD60-V2, Dramix® Steel Fibre Concrete provides a proven 1 hour and 1.5 hour fire rating. Not only does mesh become redundant, but the shear resistance of Dramix® concrete exceeds that of its mesh reinforced equivalent. In addition, the unique design of Kingspan Multideck reduces the volume of concrete required, bringing cost as well as time savings to a project.

Dramix® is now being specified in a number of key projects across the UK ?most notably where access or architectural conservation are significant issues. The solution, a joint initiative between Kingspan and Bekaert, has been tested by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) and endorsed for multi-storey applications. For more information visit www.bekaert.com/building or call 01142 427 485.

Note: This is an article extracted from Kingspan

Grimsby's Seafood Village a Concrete Reality

Grimsby's Seafood Village a Concrete Reality

GRIMSBY'S Seafood Village has moved a step closer to completion, after the concrete was poured for the first floor of the two-storey building.

Developer QA Construction says work on the £2.4 million flagship development is progressing well and is hoping to finish the project ahead of schedule.

Pete Dalton, joint managing director of the seafood village, expressed confidence that the facility would be "oversubscribed" by the time construction work was completed.

Already, 15 of the 20 units have been let by seafood companies, with several others expressing a keen interest.

As reported, the state-of-the-art development, which is located on a four-acre site off Wickham Road, near Grimsby Docks, will cater for 20 fish processing firms and provide shared waste collection, cold stores and distribution facilities.

Mr Dalton said: "They are going to be 21st-century units that will comply with or exceed all the European health standards.

"Everything the merchants need will be on one site ?the transport people, the ice people. They won't need to go anywhere else.

"The units are good value for money and we have had quite a lot of interest from various people.

"We have signed up Carisma, the Norwegian firm, and we have also got a Scottish salmon producer and Canadian lobster company interested.

"Everybody is waiting to see what they will be getting for their money, but once we can showcase what we have to offer, I'm very confident we will be oversubscribed."

Yesterday's concrete pour, which saw about 100 cubic metres of concrete pumped up to the first floor, was the latest stage in the construction process.

Steve Revell, site manager for QA Construction, told the Grimsby Telegraph the company was hoping to finish the project ahead of its January target.

He said: "We are well on with the internal drainage to the ground floor, the roofing works and cladding works, and the steelworks are about 95 per cent completed.

"Generally it's going reasonably well. We are quite pleased with how it's going.

"The actual contract programme shows us to be complete by mid January, but we are aiming to be done before that, subject to the weather and other hiccups."

Keep checking your Grimsby Telegraph for all the latest news on the development.

Note: This is an article extracted from the Grimsby Telegraph

Greggs Bakery - Newcastle

Greggs Bakery - Newcastle

Concrete Floors Ltd has recently completed 7,000 m² of FM2 Industrial Concrete Flooring for Greggs Bakery.

The new Bakery Plant in Balliol, Newcastle will open in the second half of 2011, where it forms part of a £60 million capital expenditure plan for this year.

Greggs Bakery - Newcastle

The placing of concrete posed a major challenge as the floor was cast upon 2 layers of A393 mesh reinforcement and re-bar, within the confines of white walled insulated panels, thereby requiring the use of mobile pumping equipment in lieu of the usual wagon discharge.

Due to the restrictions of access, a further challenge was to apply the Don Chemical product Monoshake Dry Shake at 3 kg/m2 material by hand.

Greggs Bakery - Newcastle

It is a credit to the skill and expertise of the Technic workforce, that despite the challenging conditions the high tolerance requirement of FM2 Concrete Society flatness was achieved.

Technic are proud to be involved as a valued member of the project team. We are pleased to have assisted in the success of the project by having both an Engineering and Technical input thereby contributing to the long term success of the distribution facility.

New Pit and Paddock Lane - Silverstone

New Pit and Paddock Lane - Silverstone

are proud to be involved with the construction of concrete floors to the magnificent new Pit and Paddock complex at Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit.

New Pit and Paddock Lane - Silverstone

The owners of Silverstone’s prestigious race track famed for high speed motor racing demanded the same pace and attention to detail of its construction workers.

New Pit and Paddock Lane - Silverstone

carried out 17,000 m² of high tolerance power floated finish concrete over 21 pours. All reinforcement was placed and fixed in position prior to casting of concrete by our own in-house steel fixing division. The area of floor involved was over a 4 storey complex with an overall height of 30 metres. All concrete was placed by means of mobile pumping equipment.

We are pleased to have achieved the programme both on time and intolerance.

Carrs Grain Store Lancaster

The floor comprised of 250mm deep concrete slab comprising of top and bottom mesh fabric laid on a methane barrier. Both membrane and reinforcement were set up in advance to facilitate pre-pour inspection by Building Control Inspector.

Carrs Grain Store Lancaster

Concrete was placed by means of mobile pumping equipment utilising a 32metre boom. The whole area was cast in two days.

The Somero Copperhead laser was the chosen method of construction. The Copperhead enabled laser technology to be utilised whilst working upon two layers of mesh. The laser screed striked off the concrete to finished floor level whilst automatically vibrating and smoothing the concrete surface.

Power floating was carried out by ride on power floats. Upon completion of power floating operations an acrylic seal was applied by pneumatic spray machine to satisfy curing requirements.

The following day our saw cutting team arrived on site to mark out and cut induced joints as engineers detail and vacuum clean all joints in readiness for joint sealants.

BAE Building 610 Samlebury

BAE Building 610 Samlebury

The project required in excess of 10000m2 of concrete floors to slab depth ranging from 300mm to 1.6meters all heavily congested with rebar. Daily concrete requirements ranged from 80 cubic meters to in excess of 500 cubic meters all to be within a surface regularity of FM2 in accordance with Concrete Society Advisory document TR34 2003 edition Various joint detailing methods were utilised to both protect and support the joint arris whilst maintain load transfer.

Typical loading requirements varied from 100Kn racking leg loads to a static point load of the storage footing of 250KN

We are pleased to confirm that the project was a complete success achieving both early completion and full compliance with engineer’s specification.

Floor tolerance survey was carried out by independent floor checking engineers Combined Flooring Services Limited to satisfy both the client BE Systems and Bam Construction Limited regarding FM2 in accordance with TR 34 Concrete Advisory document .Based on a survey of 28 runs of floor area 100% compliance was achieved.

Unirail from Metstop

With 3,000m2 to pour on metal deck, Technic Floors would have traditionally used timber to provide a stop end and a level for the days pour. Instead they chose to use the Unirail from Metstop to save time and money, and to provide their client with a higher quality finish.

By replacing the use of timber with the Unirail 70/90 they saved time in the set up. Unirail comes with feet that are screwed to the metal deck. These feet allow the installer to adjust the rail to the correct height by use of a large locking screw.

The concrete is poured with the rail acting as a leveling mechanism and a stop end. If a bow in the deck occurs during the pour, the locking screws can be released to allow the rail to be re-adjusted to the correct height then tightened again to ensure that the correct depth of concrete is used.

The major benefit of using the Unirail instead of timber is that no time is wasted the next day stripping it out and potentially damaging the edge of the concrete. It also ensures a very smooth transition from one slab to another.

By using Unirail from Metstop , Technic Floors provided their client with a very high quality finish, on time and on budget.


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